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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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developing right now, it lit's still recovering from a forceful earthquake and couple after shocks as rattled by yet another. and, it is back to the bargaining table at septa and union members try to work out a deal to void a walk out. and a big night in the big d, the eagles fans head to texas as bird go head to head with the the cowboys in prime time, we're talking to the fans. it is sunday october 30th, good morning i'm rahel sol hon. lets get you started with weather. justin drabick joins us now. the justin, what a gift this weather has been yesterday afternoon and this morning, beautiful. >> crazy yesterday. morning hours was down freezing but not in the city and suburbs. we got up to 69 degrees in
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philadelphia well above average. we are even better, mid 70's. >> i like the way you think. >> you like that. bringing the warmth again, good timing for the weekend. great day to be outside. we will bring in some showers in here but they should hold off until late afternoon mess likely touring evening hours so most of our sunday stays dry. the showers get in the lehigh valley first and then south and east throughout the late afternoon hours into the he can. this problems this morning. we will have some sunshine around. right now partly cloudy skies, outside, look at that 61 degrees. big difference from yesterday morning. thank that southeasterly wind at 8 miles an hour if you like these mild temperature. temperatures change compared to this time yesterday, 24 degrees warmer in allentown. 31 degrees warmer inner mount pocono. twenty-one in philadelphia. that is a sign of warm air building in. mid 50's to lower 60's with temperatures spread across the region. sixty this trenton and wilmington and reading, 55 in quakertown. cooler spot. we are in the lower 60's at this hour in mount holly.
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temperatures in the 60's it will not take a whole lot to get us in the 70's but there will be clouds around in the morning and afternoon. the showers off well north and west, in the great lakes they will get in here late in the day. forecast high of 76 degrees for philadelphia, mid 70's at the shore. cooler in the poconos because that coal front will arrive first they are 60 degrees, better chance of showers earlier in the day. we will time out rain and talk about a cool town coming up in a few more, rahel, back to you. well, developing right the now a powerful earthquake rattled central and southern italy. it was magnitude 6.6. woke people out of the bed. sent nuns running from the church as clock tower tumbled. there are this reports of the casualties but italy has been struggling to recover from the august quake that left only 300 people dead plus a pair of after shocks just last week. "eyewitness news" will be following this story as morning goes along so keep it the right here. september and transit workers union are set to
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resume discussions as they try to prevent strike on tuesday. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live at septa headquarters from center city. cherri, time could mean major issues for some riders, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i like to start with good news. it is in the the over yet but if septa workers, and the septa agency is unable to reach an agreement, by tuesday, morning, tens of thousands of commuters will be, pretty much scrambling. and the issue is, the timing of the strike, it is exactly one week away from election day, and so a lot of people are concerned about that but lets take a look at the video. septa officials spent self hours on saturday, negotiating , and late saturday night they were unable to reach a resolution. the city, school district and number of major employers are now working on contingency plans for workers because if
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the parties are unable to reach an agreement by hid night on monday, anyone using bus routes, the market frankford line, the broad street line or any of the trolleys will to have find another mode of transportation. now, the big sticking points, for the 5700 septa a workers are health and pension benefits. the line in the sand has been drawn, and the signs are prepared, for the picket line and now, while many commuters are sympathetic with the workers their frustration is becoming clear. >> it has always come down to the bottom. they don't care about us. some people will lose their jobs. >> it comes to this point every year. every year. i wonder why the city doesn't try another bus services. just try a bus service so septa could have something to compete against. >> reporter: this is very high steaks for those who do commute uses septa, buses and trolleys. if septa workers were to
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strike it would be the 11th strike in the agency's history, and the last one was in 2009. now if you're concerned, commuter, septa has create aid contingency plan that is a railable on our web site at cbs live from septa headquarters, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we know that last strike was about six days, so a lot more to come, thank you. new this this morning a man is dead and another is in the the hospital after a shooting in northeast philadelphia it happened around 4:00 in the 700 block of adams avenue. police say they took one man to the hospital and paramedics took the second who was pronounced dead there third person was found beaten. no arrests have been made yesterday. at least one person is in custody after an officer involve shooting in philadelphia it happened in the 2900 block of north front street. this is just after ten. officers on patrol heard shots being fired, they say when they arrived, the officers fired but no one was hurt. one person was arrested after
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that n word on what prompted the original hooting. a man is in the hospital after being shoot in the stomach, this happened in the 5500 block of rising sun avenue. fire fighters say the three three-year old man was taken to einstein medical center in critical condition. so far no arrests and in word what led to the shooting. hillary clinton continues her presidential campaign in florida today, while donald trump travels to nevada, colorado and new mexico. meanwhile fbi's reopened criminal investigation continues to dominate the campaign. brooks silva-braga has more on the the fall out. >> reporter: hillary clinton's campaign called fbi director james comey letter to congress long on innuendo and short on facts. comey wrote new e-mails found relate to go clinton's use of the private e-mail server but could not say if they were significant. >> pretty strange to put something like that out, with such little information, right before an election.
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>> we have called on director comey to explain everything right away, put it all out on the table. >> reporter: cbs news has learn more than a thousand e-mails, were found in the lap top belong to go huma aberdeen in her estrange husband anthony weiner while he was being investigated for allegedly sending sexually explicits messages to a minor. otherses tell cbs news that loretta lynch disagreed with comey decision to notify congress about the new e-mails so close to election day. >> that is because the department of justice is trying their hardest to protect the criminal activities of hillary clinton. >> reporter: an associated press poll taken before the fbi's announce. found most likely voters think clinton broke the law, with her use of the private server. >> you are an undecided voter from colorado does this affect how you lean at all. >> a little bit, i think i'm
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leaning toward trump. >> at this point there is nothing they can do to turn off the people that they can do to support them which is crazy if you think bit. >> reporter: early voting is underway in dozens of states and more than 20 votes have been cast. brooks silva-braga for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". just nine days before the campaign end and day of voting begins. stay with "eyewitness news" as we continue to cover campaign 2016, we are also on line anytime at cbs philly dot the come. an investigation is underway to a shooting involving haddon township new jersey police officer. it happened yesterday morning at routes 130 and 158. a township police officer struggled with the driver of the car have after he allegedly sped from the traffic stop, during the struggle, officer shot the driver in the lower body, he was not seriously hurt and officer was not injured. authorities in bucks county of charged three teenagers in the fatal shooting of the former pen ridge high school football player. investigators say israel lewis was gun down at colt memorial park in perkasie.
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it happened around 12:30. lewis was 2015 pen ridge graduate. opening week for philadelphia a 76ers has been overshadowed pie a national anthem controversy. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do was at saturday's game in south philadelphia as she talk to fans. >> reporter: rumors of the anthem protest by philadelphia 76ers players, proved to be unfounded. the national anthem during saturday afternoon's game against atlanta hawks went off without a hitch. >> ♪ >> reporter: sixers management faced an anthem controversy early this week during wednesday's season open's begins oklahoma thunder. r and b recording artist seven streeter took to social media pulled their performance at last minute. >> i'm at 76ers game to i can is the nan anthem and the organization is telling me i can't because i'm wearing a we matter jersey. >> reporter: organization issued a vague statement in response but after speaking with players, pol guyed to the singer in a statement on friday. it reads in part, we believe
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that the wrong decision was made, and seven should have been welcomed to sing. we apologize to her and in an effort to move conversation forward we have reached out to offer her an opportunity to return and perform at a game of her choice. most fans we spoke to at the hawks game said streeter should have been allowed to perform. >> freedom of speech you get to say what you want to say and shouldn't be punished for having an opinion on something regardless of what it is. >> i'm wearing a 76ers jersey. i'm supporting my team. she was supporting herself, and her people, and all of us. >> reporter: season ticket holder robert tyson said he agreed with her message but it was the wrong venue. >> it is a distraction to the game itself but i think the message behind it is important. i think it is just, ative rent way. >> reporter: streeter has in the yet responded to the sixers or made any comments on social media about the offer to come back. from the wells fargo center i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". on going feud between eagles and dallas cowboys goes
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to prime time tonight in texas. lots of eagles fans made the trip to the lone star state to cheer on our bird. on sports don drill, reporting from dallas. >> we are fresh off the flight, dozens of people off the plane, making trip to big d. lets check in and see witt take first east in the nfc east. we he will go down to the baggage claim and check with the people. why did you make this trip. >> because it is one of the trips we make every year. >> reporter: sit sweeter to get a win at dallas or sweeter to beat cowboys in philadelphia. >> sweeter here. >> i'm here for them. we spore support them 100 percent. >> we are ticket holders, happy to be here. >> reporter: give me your prediction tomorrow. >> twenty-seven-ten. >> how do go. >> eagles all the way. >> it is our year. >> what will happen tomorrow. >> it will be a close game,
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low scoring. the opposite of whatever i think. >> i was waiting for a prediction out of you. >> i don't knowy can't predict when i predict it goes south, i avoid predictions. >> no, i'm good. >> is that what you are worried about. >> ten-three. >> dave murphy, philadelphia daily news, what are the keys to the game. >> i mean it is cliche but it starts up front. the philadelphia eagles defense will have not faced an offensive line like this we have seen them struggle against lines in washington very interested to see how that plays out. >> reporter: everybody has an opinion on how this will turnout. eagles four and a half point under dogs, coming from dallas, don bell, cbs-3 "eyewitness sports". >> come on, people, positive vibes. >> our eagles/cowboys coverage continues with sunday's kick off, sports director don bell will have live from at&t stadium, leslie van arsdal will be in the studio this morning at the 11:30 right here on cbs-3. is there much more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", autopsy is in on the
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death of the miami marlins play jose fernandes what the medical examiner found in his system. investigators found some of the debris in the american airlines plane catches fire at chicago's owe air international airport, what they have found and where they found it, justin. good sunday morning everybody. waking up to mild temperatures, some showers are on our way but it is lath october so temperatures will be up and down this week. we will talk "in washington, if you don't have some independence, some backbone, you might as well not even be there."
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welcome back. toxicology reports now reveal that miami marlins pitcher jose fernandes had cocaine and alcohol in his system before his deadly boat crash last month. miami dade county medical examiner lists the official cause of death as boat crash. star pitcher and two of his friend were killed september 25th after their private boat hit a jetty near miami beach. investigators say engine pieces from the american airlines plane that caught fire the at o'hare airport on friday have been found thousands of feet away. piece of engine was found 3,000 feet away. another turned up 1500 feet away. investigators determined that the cause of the fire or fire on the runway, rather was caused by engine failure. there is no word what caused the engine to fail. local residents are stepping into help haitian victims still dealing with the devastating effect of hurricane matthew. "eyewitness news" at cottman and frankford avenue where volunteers with the maddie help a child foundation were collecting at toms send to haiti. they encouraged people to drop off clothes, canned food, and personal items.
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>> justin is joining me now. this weather, this morning and yesterday afternoon, has been beautiful. >> making it easy on the shift to wake up. when it is cold it is rough to get out of bed. >> yes. >> yesterday, we had scrape and frost, temperatures in the 30's. good rebound, with a high near 70. today warmer. mid 70's, typical for late december. it will feel like halloween on halloween. >> hopefully, at least when i was little, you have your little costumes, and coat on it takes way from the costume. >> costume will be perfect for tomorrow, cool enough for that. lets check out these temperatures right now. nothing happening, all is quiet. good start to our sunday. we will have cloud around this morning but enough sunshine to warm us up rapidly, looking at center city, in problems there but later today we will bring in some rain. not a whole lot but we can use additional rain, cold front which will cool us off but until that front gets here, it is warm. check it out, lower 60's in south jersey, delaware. not much drop off with the
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overnight lows. dover, delaware at 62. fifty-six in newark. then around city, same deal, one of the cooler spots palmyra checking in at 57, 61 in voorhees and woodstown and northwestern suburbs, yesterday down around freezing in the quakertown mid 50's this morning. 61 degrees at mount pocono at this hour. check it out here's the reason, cold front, cold front, just to the north, really cut ago cross southern new york state. out ahead of the front it is warm. temperatures 60's in the 70's this have afternoon. tonight it will get cold again. big difference by tomorrow morning and then typical fall temperatures make a return for monday, behind this front but we're in the done yet with the warmth. we will see another warm up for middle of the week. the little something for everybody coming up over next few days. we will see clouds over us right now, more clear, in south jersey and delaware, here's the trent bringing those showers across upper great lakes. that front slowly stays southward so it will take time to get these rain showers in
6:19 am
here. little rise in the lehigh valley and first that will be around four or 5:00 o'clock. we will see showers breaking out. there could be a few thunderstorms, that is how warm we're dealing with the temperature to take and then that front moves to the the south around the city six or seven or 8:00 we will be under gun with showers and pockets of heavier rain and moves in south jersey. the front moves off shore by 11:00 tonight. we are dry, again north wind overtaking region clears us out but drops temperatures. we will be below average for our high tomorrow. rainfall amount nothing to impressive. we have a tenth of an inch, quarter inch in spots and if we get stuck under a heavier shower and those thunderstorms we have mid 70's in the lehigh valley on southward. could be 70's, close to 80 if we see enough sunshine, farther inland from the water but we can see that front pushing through. tomorrow morning big difference waking up this time tomorrow. thirty's in the suburbs, to about 44 for philadelphia, and then we struggled to rebound to make it to the mid to upper
6:20 am
50's for afternoon highs for halloween. that is typical late october stuff there. today partly sunny skies this morning, late day showers, high of 76 degrees. those showers, should come to an even around 9:00 for city or so. later in south jersey. we will get clearing overnight. forty-eight for low in the city. cold in the suburbs. holiday forecast in the evening looks good for trick or treating. 6:00 o'clock a lot of the events kick off. 55 degrees. the by end, lower 50's under mostly clear skies n threat have rain tomorrow. looks good for our halloween event. here's our extended forecast slowly warming up to average tuesday on 62. wednesday and thursday we are back to the 70's and by end of the week lower 60's again. the kind of craziness there with the temperatures. >> i can take that wednesday, thursday. >> are you dressing up tomorrow. >> no, i'm not. >> no, nothing. >> no, i'm not feeling it, i don't know. >> i got some idea. >> okay, all right. >> i need to ask people for their ideas.
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>> all right, justin, thank you. well, cbs-3, cw philly and komen philadelphia teaming up in the fight against breast cancer by turning our region pink. this building is lit up in pink looking good there october is not breast cancer awareness month and pink lights are a reminder to schedule a mammogram and stay vigilant in the fight against breast cancer. double tree hotel on south broad street, also glowing, this is the 15th year for lights for the cure campaign. find more information on our web site at cbs well, here's more of what you will see on "eyewitness news" this morning, fail orchestra is dressed up for halloween. see, justin they are dressed up what they played to get music lovers into the spirit. please reelect gerald, please. >> seriously so funny, real campaign that uses something you do not see in campaign ads when "ey
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philadelphia orchestra is in the spirit. >> ♪ >> audience members at the kimmel center for a in costume for a concert filled with tricks and treats. adding to the fun, magicians performed tricks throughout the concert that included music from the movie harry potter and sourcers stone. ♪
6:25 am
>> well, that is the sound of the opera concert for a brand new non-denomination almas choir and what makes this so unique it is made up of completely philadelphia police officers. the performance took place at pentecostal temple on north wistar street. very cool. clinton and trump campaigns could learn from a hilarious political ad unlike any other. jeanie moos has story of the texas wife to beg vote tours take her husband. >> reporter: had enough of trump bashing clinton. >> how did hillary end up filth i rich. >> reporter: how did clinton bashing trump maybe prefer a political ad in which a wife begs vote tours relief her of her husband. number crunching nerves. >> it cost us $103 a day. >> gerald really doesn't have hob is. >> last year was .1469. >> is he always like that. >> yeah, all the time.
6:26 am
>> he is gerald doubtry and republican running to be a texas commissioner with eye rolling help from his wife of 21 years. does your wife really roll her eyes that often. >> she actually does. she didn't to have take but two or three takes on that. >> most people work at office. >> we have three light rail calls. >> you can put the 60 people on each car. even if you add two cars. >> reporter: to you really like your light railcars well done. >> you know, my opponent, asked him is there anything that you didn't like about the ad, he said i think the meat was over cook. >> reporter: gerald's political consultant turned up the ad inspired by the office, that took six hours to shoot, the neighbors were played by friend. >> all he wants to do is fix things. >> fumes all over the place but quite frankly it is not a code violation. >> yeah, i think i like helping around the house here. >> please reelect gerald,
6:27 am
please. >> gerald thinks his ad went viral because humor takes the edge off the 2016 campaign. do you think your wife really wants to get you off her hand and get you out of the house. >> oh, absolutely, she does love me a lot but she loves me away. >> please reelect gerald. >> jeanie moos, new york. >> please. >> i have mastered the eye role by the way. in the next half an hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" prime time for labor and management, on the two sides, two sides try to hammer out a deal before the the strike deadline. schuylkill regatta rowers are looking out for more than just competition in the the water. mild start as new month begins? justin drabick's eyewitness weather coming up thi
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5pmz zi0z
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y25pmy yi0y and good morning, it is
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saturday, october 30th i'm rahel solomon. if you are heading out the door a nice warm up is in store for you. lets head over to justin drabick with eyewitness weather. it looks like weather will be mild but we're tracking showers too. >> maybe late in the day, but the day stays dry. waking up temperatures are in the 50's and 60's, much warmer then yesterday's 30's. this could be a warm afternoon if you like mild temperatures you'll love today, get outside, enjoy, again most likely we will stay dry through about 5:00 o'clock this afternoon in the areas north and west start to see showers moving south and east in the city. we will walk through it this morning, no problems, no fog to deal with, no harsh wind chills, partly cloudy skies, about an hour, just under an hour from sunrise. 61 degrees at the airport southwest breeze at eight, so we had a high of 69. not a big drop off in the temperatures because of the push of warmer air moving from the south. look at the temperature change. we are at 31 degrees warmer right the now then this time yesterday in mount pocono. twenty-one in philadelphia.
6:32 am
twenty-seven in reading. that is a very warm air mass in place. mid 50's in the coolest spots in the lehigh valley to the lower 60's in south jersey, atlantic city checking in at 63. sixty-two in willow grove. sixty-three in doylestown. we have cloud cover to deal with this morning. it is going to thin out through late morning hours. so enough sunshine warms us up in the 70's and then that cold front approaching later today. we will see scattered showers and then are storm in some spots, best time to see rain between 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. tonight and a maybe quarter inch. on our waste up to 76 for philadelphia, mid 70's at the shore and 60 in the poconos. temperatures all over this week we will talk about that in the seven day in a few more minutes. >> we will, commute of hundreds of thousands on have people, is at stake as septa and transport workers union return to talk today. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live from septa headquarters in center city. cherri, workers are asking for several things from september, break it down for us.
6:33 am
>> reporter: good morning, rahel. realisticking point for septa's 5700 unionized workers relates to pension and health benefits and this has been a sticking point for a while now. if septa officials don't to enough to calm the frustrated union members, tuesday could be a very rough day for the tens of thousands who rely on septa buses, subways and trolleys. take a look at this video. septa officials spent hours negotiating with transportation workers, local union leaders on saturday but they called in around 10:00 p.m. those sessions will resume today but if there is no agreement by midnight monday the only public transportation will be regional rail to get in and around philadelphia. now this will force many commuters to find other modes of the transportation, like uber and lyft which could hurt those with lower incomes and leave many others scrambling. now to prevent this chaos, septa has already created a contingency guide, but the timing of the potential strike
6:34 am
is heightening the momentum, if this strike initial to place tuesday? it will be one week before election day, so grass root groups and commuters are very frustrated and concerned about what is to come. >> from school, to work, yeah, business meetings, everything. so, it is really inconvenient. >> what are you going to do, the timing of this is the not right? it is not okay. >> reporter: now this is, if this strike were to go into place on tuesday morning, it would be the 11th time that the agency was under strike, last time that happened was in 2009, again, septa has already created a conn to continuingcy guide and you can find that on our web site at cbs live at septa headquarters, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, cherri, thank you, lot of people watching
6:35 am
that very closely. thank you. well, just over a week until election day and fbi investigation of hillary clinton's e-mail is dominating the presidential campaign. democratic nominee rally with wednesday supporters in florida. her campaign calls james comey letter with congress long on innuendo and short on facts. on friday comey wrote new e-mails had been found related to clinton's use of the private e-mail server but didn't say if they were significant. >> it is pretty strange to put something like that out, with such little information, right before an election. >> we have called on director comey to explain everything, right away, put it all out on the table. >> and for second day donald trump kick off a campaign rally basking in the news of the latest investigation into clinton's use of the private e-mail server. last night in phoenix trump slammed clinton. >> hillary has nobody but
6:36 am
herself to blame for her mounting legal difficulties. her criminal action was willful, deliberate, intentional and purposes full. >> for the 20 million-dollar voters have taken advantage of early voting in dozen of states, closer to home though polls open up in nine days. stay which "eyewitness news" for complete coverage in 2016, it continues on line at anytime at cbs well, supreme court will consider what some are calling a landmark case for trand gender rights, that is as mar liz hall reports it involves a virginia high school student who was born female but identifies as male. >> gavin grim is transgendered high school student at center of what is now a supreme court case. high court will deciding whether the female, born 17 year-old can use the boy's rest room despite objections from the gloucester public school district in virginia. >> it is usually significant.
6:37 am
>> reporter: cbs news, legal correspondent jane crawford says court's ruling could be used to solve similar disputes across the country. >> from north carolina to texas this decision could really set the law you for how schools, must treat transgendered students. >> reporter: the obama an ad perfection says transgendered students should aloud to use rest rooms, as locker rooms consistent with their gender identity but more than a dozen states have issued a hold on that directive, sparking protests and lawsuits. for the past two years, grim has been extremely vocal in the fight against his school. >> to me, this is the only way that this school is saying we don't believe that who you are is legitimate. >> reporter: if the ninth seat on the supreme court left vacant by late justin scalia isn't filled, how will it affect this case. >> if the supreme court just has a justices and they divide four-four then the lower court ruling would stand and that with mean that the student would win. but it wouldn't set a
6:38 am
nationwide precedent. >> reporter: supreme court is expected to hear arguments in the case this winter. the ruling is expect in june. until then, gavin grim will not be able to use the boy's bathroom. marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". here at home closing arguments the in the new jersey bridge gate trial are supposed to continue tomorrow. bridget kelly, a former aid to governor chris christie and former port authority executive bill baroni air accused of deliberately creating grid lock on the george washington bridge. federal prosecutors say it was to punish a democratic mayor who did not back christie's reelection bid n closing arguments a federal prosecutor portrayed kelly and baroni as willing participants. the government's main witness just cannot be trusted. thousands of rowers are on the the schuylkill river this weekend. they are part of the teams battling in one of the country's largest regattas. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh shows us what makes this competition so special. >> reporter: as they lift
6:39 am
their boats, and drop their ors to the water,. >> there we go. >> reporter: thousands gathered in philadelphia on a chilly saturday morning forehead of the the schuylkill regatta an annual event held since 1971. >> a lot of times the schuylkill, definitely the prehere rowing event in the fall. >> reporter: regot ace one of the largest in the country with 8,500 competitors for more than two dozen states. >> i think it is really exciting to have so many crews from so many layses, seriously like florida crew is here, pennsylvania schools, i saw virginia. >> reporter: abby horwitz joined penn state's crew team last year and says there is a lot of training involved. >> we get up at 5:30, leave by six, and spend time on the water every morning before classes even start. >> reporter: it is a different kind of sport and that is how howie smith of franklin and marshall explains. >> it is team comradery, in one person can be the star, if the team is the star. >> reporter: it is something
6:40 am
ryan of duke university is learning, this is his very first crew competition. >> i played in soccer in high school and i wanted to try something new. so far it has been cool. fun seeing other teams. they have nice boats. >> reporter: competitors weren't even faced by several reports earlier this week of small crocodile in the water. >> our president posted a article about it in our facebook group. yeah, that is exciting. who would expect a crocodile in the schuykill river. >> reporter: crock or no crock these rowers are battling to be the fastest and become the head of the schuylkill. anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". is there more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" home coming for some of the crew of the international space station, how long will they be there. no joy, how cleveland indians wiped the smiles off of the face of the chicago cubs fans, that is late inner eyewitness sorts. philadelphia gets a break from the chill of autumn? justin drabick with eyewitness from the chill of autumn? justin drabick with eyewitness weather is just5pkz zi0z
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robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i fought for. so, i'm voting for hillary clinton. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. a mission to space has come to an up, this was the scene as russian space castle you'll made its return to earth, three astronauts on board were from the u.s., japan and russia. they spent 115 days in the international space station. now, one nasa astronaut and two russian astronauts remain on board the space station. one of my favorite stories, dog with an aggressive form of cancer are
6:44 am
living longer thanks to you the diagnosis edge research at university of pennsylvania school of veterinary medicine. it is immuno therapy. doctors say it involves trying to agitate the dog's immunity system to recognize the dog's cancer so the body can fight it. with you what is perhaps so fascinating is that doctors there are often now looking into how this can one day help hoop man's too. >> if we show that this actually works and it is effective in preventing relapse in dogs, it will have a important effect downstream for hugh hans. because if we're able to prevent relaps in dogs then our theory is we would be able to prevent relapse in humans with the same disease. >> really fascinating story. coming up at 8:00 o'clock hour the two similarities between dogs and hugh hans and why doctors think that this treat could one day help people too. justin, for everybody, dressing up in halloween is not the you but for the dogs. >> i heard you talking, you are not dressing up your dog.
6:45 am
>> this is a good forecast for dogs, humans, everyone that is participating in halloween. >> right, exactly. >> but not you. >> no, i'm against halloween. >> no, not at all. >> i want candy. >> it is 25 minutes. >> i'm all about the candy. >> all right. yeah, you are right as far as dressing up, today is a warm day if you have a halloween parade you will sweat it out in the costume. temperatures surging in the 07's but we will cool it back down where it should this be time of the year. a few degrees we low average this time of the year we will get that fluxation in the temperatures. today well above average. sixty-two where we should be. mid 70's, maybe upper 70's and tomorrow we are below average with highs in the 50's for halloween day. good news dry for trick or treating on monday and then into wednesday, thursday we're warming up again, temperatures will return in the lower 70's. something for everyone. pretty active jet stream. it is situated right over pennsylvania, and, the two
6:46 am
similarities just situated to the thort. we have a lot of warm air over us to the south and jet takes another buckle and moves southward over next 24 hours. that cool canadian air still back down in the northeast. we have a cool day, on tap tomorrow morning big difference in the temperatures compared to what we are dealing with right now. look at that 50's and lower 60 on's at this hour. we are off to the races. it will not take much sunshine to warm us up to 70 degrees. sixty-seven in pittsburgh. fifty-one in buffalo. that colder air is a few hundred miles off to the north. clouds over us right now, cold front western new york state across great lakes, we had showers witt. those showers start to have move southward over the the next six hours or so. so they will move in the pocono region first and then dive south and east. it looks like most of the rain holds off for the city until later this afternoon into the evening hours. and here's the front. noon time most areas, still dry but that rain is tart to go move into northern pennsylvania, still good through 4:00 o'clock or so but starting at five or 6:00 we will get rain in here across the city. maybe a thunderstorm.
6:47 am
the front clears us up by 11:00 o'clock. we will start to dry out. clearing out for that colder air returning, high pressure in place for monday, great news, if you don't want to deal with rain. we will be nice and dry, tuesday that dry pattern continues, and pretty much for the upcoming week. we are looking at the dry side. look at these temperatures today. mid to upper 70's, possibly 80, if you see you have this sunshine, it is clouds that can hold off enough, and then for tonight, noticeably cooler, we are dropping back in the 40's by monday morning. i think, it may dive in the upper 30's. and then tomorrow that north wind over us, it keeps our temperatures in the the 50's, upper 50's at best. so for today, the morning sunshine, cloud will thicken up in the afternoon. watch out for late day showers into the evening. high temperature up around 76 degrees. and then tonight, showers, early, clearing skies, overnight, 48 for the low for the city and then some 30's on the cooler suburbs. here we are, a week away from standard time, daylight savings time comes to an end next sunday morning this
6:48 am
coming saturday night turn those clocks back one hour. sunset, next sunday, it is at 4:52. depressing there certainly signs of the winter season. feeling like fall again, on halloween day, high temperature back down to 58 degrees for tomorrow, 62 on tuesday and then lower 07's make a come back for wednesday and thursday to be a shower late in the day thursday and back to near 60 by end of the week. >> not the a bad forecast at all. >> not for november, pretty good. >> okay justin, thank you. it is 6:48. lets check the roads with ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic enter. ape, what a beautiful shot. >> thank you rahel, very pretty shot. this is ben franklin bridge mid span n delays or problems the on the bridgette self but if you are taking the bridge, traveling in new jersey, taking the new jersey turnpike southbound, that is closed between the pennsylvania turnpike and burlington mount holly exits due to a serious accident. we're going to move the, traffic cam here to the schuylkill expressway. this is right at university, no delays or problems on this portion of the schuylkill. that is very latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann
6:49 am
evans now rahel, back to you. >> thank you, ann. local and federal health officials are investigating an infection on the rise. health report are stephanie stahl has this review from a special report. >> reporter: mysterious of potentially deadly infection is baffling doctors, federal health officials have identified seven hot spots around the country, one is in suburban philadelphia. >> it is frightening, i think. >> reporter: infection is caused by a bacteria that is every where. mainly in water. >> it is in all of our water. we are exposed to it every day when we take a shower. >> reporter: most at risk are healthy, fit people. >> you're thinking have you hurt yourself. >> reporter: it is being intently investigated. we will have findings tomorrow at 11:00. i'm stephanie stahl, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". when "eyewitness news" continues, temple and penn state, and another bowl game, that is next, in "eyewitness sports". a tough challenge for the eagles defense, a preview of the prime time match up in
6:50 am
just about two and a "in washington, if you don't have some independence, some backbone, you might as well not even be there." backbone?! pat toomey voted 7 times to defund planned parenthood. and when he didnít get his way, toomey threatened to shut down the federal government. now, toomey refuses to tell us whether he's voting for donald trump. but when he's in other parts of the state, toomey's said he wants to support him. pennsylvania just cant trust pat toomey. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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like me, she has pennsylvania working class roots, biden: this is what i know about katie mcginty - and she's never abandoned them. hard work. family. playing it straight. that's katie. and the ads attacking her? they're a bunch of malarkey. katie's career is about looking out for families like yours. creating jobs, keeping our environment safe. she's a wife, a mom, a basketball fan, a homework supervisor. she's like you and she'll fight for you in the united states senate. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
6:52 am
battle for first place in the division tonight eagles are a four-point under dog. cowboys come in with the number one rushing attack in the league led by ezekiel elliott. quarterback da thek prescott is second in completion percentage and thrown just one interception. dallas offensive line has allowed nine sacks, bird have struggled on the road they have a one-two record, fletcher cox says the defense must set the tone early.
6:53 am
>> the last two times in a row, we played them and we have to go down there and come out, with a lot of energy, you know, as a team, you know, and get to the quarterback. >> i'm exited to get the opportunity to go down there. it is always fun in the stadium. i love the atmosphere and i love how stadium is set up. it is real loud. the i love just watching the screen get out there a lit about. >> we will get you ready for sunday night the showdown in big d. this morning at 11:30 sports director don bell, will be live at at&t stadium and i will be live in the studio at 11:30 right here on cbs-3. flyers have played five games in the seven days when they play the hurricanes today. last night they took a early two goal lead against defending stanley cup champions penguins but they could not hold it. we will pick up the action in the second period. flyers down four-two. radko gudas gets the puck, wayne simmonds with the pass
6:54 am
to claude girl road who scores his first game of the season. and later in the period jake voracek with the penalty shot with a couple months on marc-andre fury, scoring his second goal of the game. we are tied. the fans are excited. like the offense, guys. in the third pens with control of the puck in the flyers zone. it is mal kin on the rebound his second of the game and flyers will lose to the penguins five-four. a sellout crowd watched sixers give thunder all they could handle in the season opener losing by six. yesterday over 16,000 fans came in the center to see the sixers play the hawks. trust the process. it was second game for joel embiid, big man playing just 20 minutes a game after missing two years with a foot injury. he wasted no time getting on the the scoreboard, dropping a three pointer on his first shot of the game, crowd just loving it. to the third quarter, he gave the fans yet another reason to cheer. he gets the ball from behind the 39-point line, drives to the basket makes shot and he had 14 points in 15 minutes have of action. but hawks just too much, paul
6:55 am
millsap scoring 17 points, sixers with 20 turnovers. they lose 104-72. to the link now, temple taking on cincinnati after beating south florida last week. owls are three-one, in conference play and control their own destiny in the aac east division. first quarter temple up by a field goal, philip walker in the shotgun. find adonis jennings who does the rest a 40-yard touchdown and cherry and white are up ten to nothing. second quarter, walker with the strike to bentell bryant, takes the hit bye hold onto that ball for a 28-yard touchdown. tell am head 17-six. to the fourth, on the set, it is the end zone for first of his two touchdowns of the game. owls win 34-13. they are bowl eligible for the second straight year. penn state back in the national rankings after upsetting second ranked ohio state last week. they are on the road facing purdue. game tied in the half with penn state got things going in the second half. and ran purdue right out of
6:56 am
the stadium. third quarter after penn state forced an interception, trace mcsorely, scans field and finder a one year score. tonight any lions take the lead for g penn state up 41-24, hand of to barkley. he bounce is it outside the zone and 81-yard to the house. he had 207-yard and two scores, penn state wins, 62-24. their sixth win of the year. that will make them bowl eligible. that is all for sports, i'm leslie van arsdal, have a great the day. cleveland indians and chicago cubs face off in the fourth game of the world series. top of the second cubs up one but carlos santana hits a home run tying the game. top of the seventh, he hits a three run shot to right field and indians up seven-one. cleveland would win it seven-two. they lead series three-one putting them one win away from taking it all. chicago fans has to be in pain this morning. that is it for "eyewitness
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6:57 am
news" at 6:00. here's what we have at 7:00. stephanie stahl has details on the game changing treatment that is available in our area. halloween may actually be more of a trick and less of a treat for your dog or cat? animal advocate carroll erickson tells us why your costume may scare them. it is a warm sun toews but showers are on the way, justin has your weekday pat toomey and donald trump: they're just wrong for the women of pennsylvania. "new fallout for donald trump." "should a woman be punished for having an abortion?" "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah, there has to be some form." "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would, i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: they're not for you. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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developing right now a forceful earthquake rocks italy sending people running in the panic. we have latest on the damage. plus trying to avoid a strike, septa and union members are back at the bargaining table this morning. we have an update on negotiations. it is a showdown in prime time, tie hard eagles fans head to texas to see our bird face the cowboys. our don bell, caught up with a few fans. it is sunday october 30th, good morning i'm rahel solomon. lets get you out the door with the check of the forecast with justin drabick. our producer and i are very big justin drabick fans. >> yes, that is you why you are all nice to me today, all shines, raining, nasty. >> i'm always smiling. >> what are you talking about. >> yeah, sure, blame me anytime weather is bad. >> it is true but today we are fans, justin. >> exactly. at least for first half of the day. we will bring


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